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Ceramic Laser
Drilling/Dicing | LDR
Ceramic Laser Drilling/Dicing | LDR
Precision drilling, cutting and
scribing of alumina/aluminium
nitride/zirconium oxide/silicon
nitride, etc.
Product Features
  • High peak power fiber laser.Stable and reliable. Long service life

  • Laser waveform segmentation editing patented technology

  • One machine for multiple applications of drilling, cutting and scribing,reducing cost of use

  • Single and double head, manual/automatic loading and unloading

  • Support multi-feature CCD visual positioning

Technical specifications
Laser power150W, 300W, 400W
Laser wavelength1060nm-1070nm
Typical cutting speed1-100mm/s(Al2O3), 1-80mm/s(AlN)(thickness dependent)
Typical Scribing Speed60-150mm/s(Al2O3), 40-120mm/s(AlN)(depth dependent)
Drilling results10-20 holes/s
Min. hole diameterThickness: 60μm@0.5mm(Al2O3)
Positioning accuracy±20μm