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Automatic Substrate
Laser Marking | LM
Automatic Substrate Laser Marking | LM
Fully automatic laser marking of
substrate products such as
Product Features
  • Flexible configuration of fiber lasers, green lasers, UV lasers, etc.

  • High-precision digital scanning oscillator & Mechanical + CCD positioning to ensure marking accuracy

  • Robotic automatic loading and unloading & Magazine material storage box & Dual-module bench marking

  • With anti-reverse and QR code / character rating detection and other functions

Technical specifications
Laser wavelength1064nm/532nm/355nm
Laser power10-30W
Positioning accuracy±5μm
Marking depth0.008-0.2mm adjustable
Min. character0.18mm
Repeat Positioning Accuracy±3μm
UPH≥50 plates/hr
Max. loading volume at one timeStandard material box 4 boxes, 80mm wide