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LOW-K Wafer
Laser Grooving | LG
LOW-K Wafer Laser Grooving | LG
LOW-K wafer
Laser Grooving and scribing
Product Features
  • 8/12 inch compatible

  • Ultra-fast UV picro-second laser. Excellent process results

  • Automatic adjustment of grooving width

  • Auto-focus, image memorization and  identification, manual/auto mode switching function

  • Multi-CCD positioning & reinspection function

Technical specifications
Wafer Size8 inch, 12 inch
Wafer thickness70-700μm
Scribe channel width≥40μm
Grooving width30-80μm adjustable
Processing speed300-1000mm/s
Positioning accuracy±2μm
Grooving depth10-20μm
Cutting Depth accuracy±3μm
Grooving accuracy of the whole piece±8μm